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A will will help to reduce the worry, work and stress for your loved ones going through a difficult time following your death. When you make a will through a qualified solicitor, the chance of a problem or dispute arising after your death is reduced.


At Joseph & Co. in Leicester we specialize in immigration law and offer legal advice and representation to our clients. If you are looking to come to and settle in UK, you can rely on us to stand for you during the application process.


Our conveyancing solicitorsprovide advise and guidance on the process of buying and selling property and through the different stages of house buying and selling.


The death of a family member or close friend is a distressing event. This is compounded if their estate fails to provide for you, particularly if you were reliant on them for a home or financial support. Alternatively, you may have an interest in an estate which others are seeking to challenge. Either way, we appreciate the need to secure sound legal advice at an early stage and we have a wealth of experience in dealing with a full range of disputed estate matters in a sympathetic and pragmatic manner.

You will be allocated your own specialist who you can meet with and with whom you will have direct access to throughout your matter. We can provide detailed guidance on your lifetime planning options including gifting and trusts.

We have an exceptional reputation for the quality of our services and are committed to looking after our clients with care and dedication. We work hard to earn your respect and confidence so that you can rely upon us to be your trusted legal advisor for you and your business.

Do you have a Will?

Making your Will is the easiest thing to put off. It is estimated that over 70% of the population don’t have a current accurate Will. And according to research released in 2020, the average age of people making wills has increased to 58. This leaves far too many younger people without the protection of a will. A will is not just for the old and middle-aged

Dying without having made a Will brings into effect the rules of intestacy which, aside from involving a more complex and expensive administration procedure, provide that:

  • Your spouse or civil partner may only be entitled to part of your estate
  • Your children or grandchildren will inherit your assets at age 18, which you may feel is too young
  • Only blood relatives and your spouse or civil partner can benefit. Your in-laws, friends and unmarried partner (whether having lived with you for many years or not) will NOT inherit your estate

Why make a Will?

If you make a Will, your property and affairs will be dealt with in accordance with your wishes when you die, instead of in accordance with the rules of intestacy, which may not be what you would have wanted.
Having a Will can also help:

  • Reduce administration costs
  • Speed up the process of transferring your assets to beneficiaries, helping to reduce stress and hardship
  • Take care of the needs of young children
  • Provide for a friend or unmarried partner
  • Minimise any liability to Inheritance Tax (IHT)
  • Help protect assets from a potential liability to care home fees (CHFs)
Joseph & Co Solicitors is Leicester based Law firm specialized in Wills and Immigration laws.We possess expertise to support our business and client needs. Our lawyers and trained and dedicated solicitors to maintain our core values.

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